Book Review: The Sorcerer of the North by John Flanagan

Ok, I lied. I’m not going to actually review this book. There’s only half a story here, because the book just ends abruptly. From my understanding off of message boards (Australia is 2-3 books ahead of U.S. releases in this series), the next book picks up right where this one leaves off. So I’ll save the review for the second book and review the two together.

I will say that the doubts I had about continuing the series after the woeful Battle for Skandia have (mostly) been erased. The Sorcerer of the North is a far more interesting story, almost written as a mystery novel, which I find appealing. Also, we have moved away from Princess Cassandra and on to Alyss as a potential love interest, which I also find appealing. Alyss is bright, quick on her feet, brave, and has a sense of humor. She’s evolved into a strong character.

A more thorough review will appear after the next book…

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