A New Start

When I started this blog 3 years ago, it was nothing but a random collection of thoughts, whatever struck my fancy. It had no direction or focus, and as a result I abandoned it.

I have now re-tooled the blog to focus on reviewing Fantasy Fiction. The good news is I’ve completed transferring reviews I posted on other sites, and my next review will be of Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson. The bad news is I’m only 200+ pages into a 700 page book, so it may be a few more days.

In the meantime I’ll touch on a couple of subjects I’ve been thinking about, and direct you to discussions on other sites that I think might be interesting.

There are several other sites that are older and far more established than what I am attempting here. I guess I just decided that I had more to say than what could be captured in the comments section of other blogs. As an aspiring writer, it’s also an outlet for keeping my skills sharp. Whether this blog attracts attention, or merely toils in obscurity, it will at least have a direction now. More to follow…

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