Reviews Are On Pace So Far

My goal this year for the blog is to review 26 books, which is a book every two weeks. So far, I’m right on pace, with 7 reviews in 14 weeks. There are a few problems looming ahead through…

First, several books in the queue are massive. I’m currently reading The Wise Man’s Fear, which is nearly 1000 pages. Jordan’s Crossroads of Twilight is hefty, as is Donaldson’s Against All Things Ending. Throw in Memories of Ice, an Erikson book that must be read more slowly as not to miss anything, and you have a small group of time-suckers. What’s worse is the books that aren’t even listed in the queue yet…Jordan’s Knife of Dreams is 1000 pages, as is Sanderson’s Way of Kings. Jordan and Sanderson combine for over 700 and 800 pages in The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight. And of course there are still several Mazalan books to be read.

The second problem is that I would really like to start working on my book. I’ve completed my map of my world, some of the strange and wonderful fantasy concepts, how my magic system works, a history, and the main characters and their motivations. So I’m ready to flesh out the plot and start writing, but it’s hard to do that when your free time is spent reading someone else’s material.

I may have to adjust my goal a bit, but for now I’ll just see where fate leads me…

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