Book Review: Rise of the Huntress by Joseph Delaney

Format:  Hardcover, First Edition, 2010

Pages:  436

Reading Time:  A little over 3 hours

Rise of the Huntress is the 7th book in The Last Apprentice series. After reading the 6th book, Clash of the Demons, I was left with a negative impression of the direction the series was taking. You can find a link to my review of that book in the sidebar. I wasn’t ready to abandon The Last Apprentice series yet, so I was anxiously looking forward to Rise of the Huntress, hoping the series would return to its roots. Was it successful? The results are mixed. Let’s look at what’s going on with this story (minor spoilers to follow).

Thomas Ward, his friend Alice, and the Spook have returned home to the County from Greece after a devastating fight. Things immediately go from bad to worse when another country’s enemy forces occupy the County, and Tom, Alice, and the Spook are forced to flee to the isle of Mona. On Mona they encounter a buggane, a hideous and evil creature that can take multiple forms and is controlled by a shaman. In addition, an old adversary arrives from the County to make a grab at power. And all the while, soldiers on Mona are rounding up refugees to send them back to the County, while others do the bidding of the shaman.

With all these factions for Tom and the Spook to battle, the story moves rather briskly. There is a minimal description of the environments in Mona, and characters aren’t really well developed.  In fact, some of the characters do things that just don’t make sense. The witch has Tom and the Spook dead to rights more than once, but leaves them alive so that they will suffer a slow and painful death. Time after time it is shown the witch can kill with a spell, but she never uses it on her greatest adversaries, even though they constantly challenge her power.

There’s another scene where Tom and the abhuman named Horn are chained up in the dungeon. Horn snarls at Tom and treats him as an enemy; yet, during their previous encounter, Horn helped Tom and the Spook escape the lair of the buggane because Horn wants the witch dead. It’s unclear how Tom and Horn went from being allies to enemies, and no explanation is offered. Horn also had the power to escape but didn’t use it. Why? Little inconsistencies like this plague the story from time to time.

Tom is a likable enough main character, but my main criticism is that he hasn’t changed much since the first book. He’s got more experience, he’s dealt with painful loss, he’s bargained with the Devil, but he doesn’t seem much different. His “ability” comes and goes, and is ineffective in this book, when it was a deus ex machina in other books. As the seventh son of a seventh son he’s supposed to be able to withstand the dark, but for most of the book he seems to be frozen by spells and unable to act. Despite the fact that we are seven books in the series, he still seems woefully ill-equipped to fight the dark.

The biggest problem with Rise of the Huntress, however, is the repetitive nature of the plot. Tom gets captured, then Tom escapes. Tom is captured again, then Tom escapes again. Then the Spook is captured, and Tom helps the Spook escape. Then Tom is captured again…you get the idea. I counted 5 times that Tom was captured, and an additional capturing of the Spook makes six events that involve captures and escapes. It grows rather tiresome as characters plunge recklessly into danger, with poorly-made plans, and are captured over and over.

Rise of the Huntress is an improvement over Clash of the Demons. It has less traveling and more action, and goes back to the original feel and appeal of the series. There still aren’t any heart-pounding or really scary moments like there have been in the past, and I wonder if Delaney has lost the ability to generate such moments. The title of the book is ambiguous…Huntress is a poor choice to describe the enemy. There is also the fact that the book is plagued by several glaring issues. Still, Delaney has taken a step in the right direction, and I’ve ordered the eighth book in the series, Rage of the Fallen, to see what happens next, although my patience is wearing thin.

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