Blog Might Be Moving

I’m considering moving this blog to Blogger. I’m still having trouble inserting links into my posts. What should be a simple function has become frustratingly inhibiting. The staff at WordPress seems unwilling or unable to fix it.

I’m looking for a blog address name that keeps it close to this blog and that hasn’t been taken by someone else (it’s harder than you think).

I’ll provide an update in a few days…

Where I’ve Been, What I’m Doing…

I have been absent from this blog, to my great regret. The problem is I stumbled across two projects that I found amazing, and ended up combining them into one.

The first is a Virtual Pinball Machine. As a lover of pinball (I own 5 games of my own: Elvira’s Scared Stiff, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Popeye, Junkyard, and White Water), the virtual pinball machine made immediate inroads into my psyche. I have neither the money nor the space to add the other dozen pinball machines (that I so very much desire) to my collection. This seemed like a great way to get close to satisfying that desire.

At the same time, while I was in the process of deciding how I wanted the cabinet to look, I just happened to google search a MAME cabinet done in steampunk, and since then my life has become a quest to build the Steampunk Virtual Pinball Machine.

If you’re at all interested, I decided to blog about it and you can follow my progress at:

(Sorry, I’m having trouble with links, and the staff at WordPress tells me they had some issues but everything is ok now. Yeah, right.)

Since the weather has been good lately I want to use the time to work out in the shop and do sanding, painting and staining before it gets bitterly cold. When the cold does hit, I’ll be going back to the book reviews in earnest.