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I’m still not ready to write my review yet, I don’t have time to hit Powell’s Books, and my Arkham Horror novels have not yet arrived from Amazon. Although I have some other books in the queue like Knife of Dreams and Against All Things Ending, those are some massive tomes that I was hoping to save for my Christmas break. What better time to pick up a steampunk novel?

I had completely forgotten that several months ago, I won a contest over at Fantasy Literature, and the prize was a copy of Dead Iron by Devon Monk. As a fan of steampunk (I’m currently building a Steampunk Pinball Time Machine), the book sounds very intriguing: a frontier setting, with magic, werewolves, evil-doers known as the Strange, and of course steampunk elements. I’ve happily added it as my current read.

Devon Monk lives in Oregon, which is very close to where I’m at. Unfortunately I missed her at the Beaverton Powell’s Books, which she was at in May, before Dead Iron was released. Hopefully I’ll catch up to her for an autograph and conversation at some point…

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