Update coming soon

My apologies for letting my blog slide into oblivion. First it was the busy holidays, then the chaos of returning to work. But most of all it was due to a broken wrist. I take a lot of things for granted in my life, most of them simple tasks…buttoning my pants, lifting a fork to my mouth, wiping my – well, let’s not go there. In other words, those simple tasks became challenging, frustrating, even depressing. You can imagine that when the simple things become a challenge, indulgences (like this blog) take a back seat.

The good news is that despite now having a metal plate and 8 screws in my wrist, physical therapy is nearly complete, and I’m feeling good about the lengthy amount of typing required for a review. I’m planning a full-blown return later this week, after my birthday. Hopefully some of you who left in disappointment at the lack of posting will return. I’ll talk about the future of the blog in an upcoming post, and have a couple of reviews ready.