Revitilizing the Blog: A New Feature, “Classic” Reviews

I’ve been struggling keeping the blog going because there just isn’t enough time in my day to read right now. I’m not into talking about book covers, I’m unable to interview authors, and I’m trying to stay away from reviewing movies and video games. So what to do?

I’ve decided to entertain a new feature I call “Classic” reviews. These are not classics in the literal sense, like Treasure Island or Dracula; rather, these are classics in my collection of fantasy, books I read through high school, the military, and then as a minimum wage worker entering the workforce at the end of a recession. In each of these periods of my life, money was tight and I had a lot of reading time on my hands. I would scour used book stores for paperbacks, hoping to stumble across a treasure, trading in books I didn’t like in order to get credit. I would then use that credit and my meager funds to buy something else.

Many of those paperbacks are still in my collection. Every now and then, I replace a series with hardback, but I still have lots of these “classics” on the shelf. My plan is that once or twice a week, I’ll review a “classic” by skimming it to refresh my memory of the story. Many of these older books may not be familiar to younger audiences (or even some of you “more experienced” readers), so maybe I’ll turn a few people on to them.

Look for the first review later this week. I’ll continue to read the stuff in my queue, but now entries in the blog will no longer be dependent upon the long period it takes to finish them.


2 thoughts on “Revitilizing the Blog: A New Feature, “Classic” Reviews

  1. That’s a great idea!
    I have been struggling with the same problem. I write mostly reviews and the very occasional book news post. But I don’t know what to say about new covers or about books on by TBR (there are too many, what am I supposed to say?) and I also want my blog to be strictly books.

    The idea for a feature is brilliant. Not only will it give you the opportunity to review books you’ve read long ago and save you the time to read them now but I know how nice it feels to revisit the times when you only had a handful of books and re-read them a hundred times. 🙂

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