New Name for the Site

I’ve been playing around with renaming the blog – at least the header and tagline – in preparation for the format transition. Hopefully I’m not driving you all too crazy…at least the remains the same. I wanted to make sure “Hippogriff” appears onscreen, because although that’s the site name, it never appeared in the title or tagline. I also liked the “Apparitions of Imagination” title, but space-wise it no longer fits when Hippogriff is used.

BuckbeackI’ve shifted “Apparitions of Imagination” to the tagline, so all is good there. But then I had a lonely “Hippogriff” staring at me in the title. So what is this place exactly? Hippogriff’s Nest? Too earthy. Hippogriff’s Den? I used it for awhile but it’s too homey and not sexy enough. So I decided on “Aerie”. What is an aerie, exactly? It’s the nest of an eagle, hawk, or other bird of prey. Now, while a hipogriff does have the body, rear legs, and tail of a horse, it’s the eagle’s head, front legs, and wings that give it a bird of prey look. The most famous hippogriff of late is found in the Harry Potter series and is named Buckbeak, and was once owned by Sirius Black. So I’m okay with using the word aerie. Here are some other uses of the name in music, fantasy & sci-fi:


  • a character in Baldur’s Gate II
  • a novel in The Dragon Jousters series by Mercedes Lackey
  • a 2003 novel by Thomas E. Sniegoski from The Fallen series
  • a song by Jefferson Airplane from Long John Silver
  • a class of Starfleet vessel in the Star Trek series

I may tire of it later, but for now it appears to work. So I guess I’m done playing with names now. Maybe.

P.S. I’ve added some new links in the blogroll:  Howard Andrew Jones, Shannon Thompson, A.H. Amin, The Gameroom Blog, Board Game Reviews by Josh, Fabulous Realms, SFX, Unboxed, and The Steampunk Workshop. Enjoy!

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