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My Year In Review

I wanted to write a quick post about leaving the old year and heading into the new. I realized that I had quite an eventful 2012:

  • I broke my wrist and was sidelined for two months
  • My Yahoo! account was hacked and my contacts got spammed
  • I nearly abandoned the blog
  • I went to Disneyworld, Universal/islands of Adventure, Seaworld/Discovery Cove, and Busch Gardens Tampa
  • I swam with Baluga Whales!
  • my boss retired
  • I made a little progress on my Steampunk Pinball Machine
  • We had an amazing 4th of July barbecue and fireworks display
  • I caught the flu twice
  • I attended the last day of Steamcon
  • I got a new boss
  • After being featured on Reddit, my tap handle blog exploded
  • I poured buckets of money to try to keep my house from falling apart
  • I took a wonderful vacation to the central Oregon coast
  • My 12 year old Pomeranian, Pixie, passed away
  • I started writing my book
  • I got two new Australian Shepherd puppies
  • I survived the apocalypse
  • I decided to re-tool the blog

Earlier this year I came very close to quitting the blog. Deciding to stick it out proved fortuitous, however, as I gained a few more followers; also, likes and site traffic increased, and I found some renewed inspiration. The amazing things is, despite nearly 6 months of downtime, I managed to review 16 books in 2012 vs. 20 reviewed in 2011, and that’s not counting the classic reviews I posted this year. I’m optimistic about the blog heading into 2013…here’s to hoping we all find joy and magic in the year to come.

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