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Castle: “Significant Other” (Season 5 Episode 10)

castleI waited a month for this?

Castle has always been about a writer bumbling his way through relationships while using his deductive skills to help his determined police partner Kate Beckett solve crimes. These two have recently developed a romantic relationship, which for most series is the kiss of death. And it looks like Castle is headed for that kiss.

This episode was so over the top in every way. Castle lets his ex-wife stay at his apartment to help a sick Alexis (Castle’s daughter) recover. Right in front of Beckett. This sets up all kinds of foolishness and jealous drama. Now, that’s not exactly new ground for this show, it’s been there before. And that’s the problem – it feels formulaic. Not to mention that the mystery to be solved was also over the top. I’ll admit I didn’t figure out who the murderer was – because the writers tried to be a bit too clever and made the motive absurd.

I like Castle for the goofiness and the sexual tension between the two characters. This time, however, it felt fake and forced. Not my favorite episode…


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