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NCIS: Shabbat Shalom (Season 10 Episode 11)

ncisI’ve been very disappointed with the TV shows I’ve seen so far after Christmas break, even giving up on one show. Happily, NCIS salvaged a week of bad TV with one of the most powerful episodes I’ve ever seen in the series, and that’s saying a lot, given 9 excellent seasons.

There is a reason why this show is consistently in the top 5, if not the top-rated show year after year. It’s compelling, smartly written, and has a great ensemble cast. I appreciate that this is one of the few shows that doesn’t dwell painstakingly on character drama, other than an occasional issue like Donald Mallard’s heart attack or one of Leeroy Gibb’s ex-wives.

The episode starts out innocently enough, with a body found in a lake by a father-son fishing trip. When the body turns up dressed in a navy uniform, but is later identified as a civilian, the mystery begins. As Ziva’s father suddenly appears, she attempts to work out some issues while Gibbs and Director Vance suspect him of plotting an assassination. However, things are not always as they seem, and as Ziva’s relationship with her father begins to fray and then collapse, all hell breaks loose, leading to the powerful ending. I actually had tears in my eyes as Cote de Pablo turns in an outstanding performance. The show has a way of throwing curve balls through the use of misdirection, so it’s possible what was seen was staged, but I expect that the episode will stand as written with no surprises next week. One of the best NCIS episodes in  a long time…


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