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Person of Interest: “Prisoner’s Dilemma” (Season 2 Episode 12)

Person-of-Interest-person-of-interest-30429662-1280-1024Broadcast Date: Thursday, Jan. 10th,2013

Last week I was all kinds of bothered by how terrible Person of Interest was. This week the show redeemed itself with an intense episode that had a little bit of everything. Reese was barely in the last episode, but his role is pivotal here. As one of the four men in suits captured in the bank vault raid (the other three are ex-CIA mercenaries), Reese must find away to maintain his cover story while being questioned by Detective Carter. Carter in turn must walk a tight rope, appearing to question Reese thoroughly without revealing her relationship to him. She must also interrogate the other three men, who are not the “Man in the Suit” but are trying to maintain their own covers, and she must try to get the finger pointed at one of them, all while FBI Agent Donnelly watches and listens in. It’s a brilliant moment for the series, with Finch in the background trying to create online documents as fast as Reese can spin his cover. Along the way, we get the feeling that Reese is actually divulging part of his true past – after all, Finch claims that the easiest cover to maintain is the one closest to the truth.

As the men in suits start to fall, there is a great scene in the prison yard that pulls old enemy Elias into the picture. There is also a light-hearted side story where Detective Fusco must protect the number that the machine spits out. It’s a great hero sequence, as Fusco must protect a model from the Armenian mob, has a gunfight, and finishes with a scene of a kiss from the model. Finally speaking of spitting out numbers, Finch gets another number delivered to him at the end of the episode. We are hit with some flashbacks, most of which we’ve already seen. In this case, the flashbacks are simply to jog our memory, because someone from Reese’s past enters in a big way when we learn whose number the machine has spit out.

It’s a fantastic episode, probably the best of the season and ranking up with the best of the series, period. Next week we’ve been set up for an intriguing story…


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