Revenge: “Sabotage” (Season 2 Episode 11)

emily-vancamp-revenge-season-2Broadcast Date: Sunday, Jan. 13th, 2013

The episode opens with a scene showing a a dead masked figure. But as is true of the world of Revenge, nothing is as it seems. Emily keeps putting the moves on Daniel, attempting to ensnare him in her web once more. As they get closer, Aiden gets more jealous, but he still tries to help Emily set up the Initiative when she holds a charity auction. An old rival of Conrad’s enters the picture, as does Ashley, who seems to have her sights set on Conrad’s new political aspirations. Nolan continues to be blindsighted by the Initiative, while Amanda tries a couple of different ways to get rid of the ex-cons that set Jack up. All the while we wonder if the Initiative really knows who Emily is…

While it seems like there’s a lot going on here, the plot doesn’t advance much, and the ending 5 minutes were easily predictable. I was not really impressed with this episode, and I hope next week advances the plot a little further along than this week did.

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