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Face-Off: Make It Reign (Season 4 Episode 1)


Broadcast Date: Tuesday, Jan. 15th, 2013

Despite some of the lame drama that happens from time to time, Face-Off is one of the few reality shows I can actually watch and enjoy. With big-name guest judges in the past like Bryan Singer, Kevin Smith, Gale Ann Hurd, and Brian Grazer, the show has put out some amazing effects and discovered some great make-up artists. The format of the show is for the group which starts out at 12 people, has a “foundation challenge” where an individual can earn immunity. Then the spotlight challenge gives artists two days to come up with a look that satisfies the challenge, with an additional 4 hours on the third day, followed by last looks, a final hour  of prep. The top 3 looks are chosen, then the bottom 3. One of the bottom 3 goes home each week until only 1 person remains. Besides the fake drama, my only other critique I have is the harshness of the judges – I seriously doubt they have 2.5 days to work their own make-up magic!

This week started the show out great, showing some seriously talented individuals are in the competition this year. The foundation challenge was for each person to create a “queen” from various crowns that were displayed. Some excellent potential was shown here, especially Anthony, who won immunity, and Jenna, who did some beautiful color and make-up. Judging the the foundation challenge was host McKenzie Westmore’s father, renowned make-up artist Michael Westmore, who will also be mentoring the contestants throughout the season.  (Sidenote: it seems every season McKenzie gets more beautiful!) Then came the spotlight challenge: making a goblin king based on a terrain element. John Rhys-Davies was the guest judge, who offered thoughtful commentary, and a hilarious rant about how he would never wear prothstetic make-up again. Way to sell the show! These were my favorite looks of the show, with Anthony sweeping the show by winning with the Rock Goblin King on the left:




And this design was a hot mess that deserved to be judged the worst:


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