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Arrow: “Burned” (Season 1 Episode 10)

arrow-tvBroadcast date: Wednesday, Jan. 16th

I’ve only followed two new shows in 2012 – Arrow and Revolution, catching occasional shows of Elementary, and I am very close to walking away from Revolution. It’s been a bad year for new TV.  But so far I’ve really enjoyed Arrow. Fans of the comic book may or may not enjoy the show, depending on how fanatic they are about the story matching the series. I kind of like the low-end Dark Knight vibe the show gives off despite its flaws. Oliver Queen was a spoiled rich kid who went on a cruise with his dad and his girlfriend’s sister. When the ship went down, Oliver was the lone survivor, who washed up on a remote island. Presumed dead, Oliver survived for 5 years, after which he returned to society and his family, which included his sister and mother. Oliver promised his father, a member of a secret crime society, to take down the criminals on a list his dad possessed, so Oliver turns crime fighter with a hooded cloak and bow & arrow. Through the season we see Oliver take down some of the names on the list, while drawing the ire of the criminal organization he threatens. He gains an assistant, Diggs, and tries to reconnect with his family and his old girlfriend, Lauren, but this proves harder than surviving on the island (those scenes are presented as flashbacks). Lauren’s father is police sergeant Quinton Lance (Paul Blackthorne of The Dresdin Files and The River), who wants to take out this new vigilante. In the previous episode a mysterious “Black Arrow” figure beat the crap out of Oliver – turns out he’s the head of this crime syndicate and the father of another character. The main flaw I see so far is Oliver comes back as a skilled hacker after being on an isolated island for 5 years. But maybe that will be explained in a flashback…

In “Burned”, firefighters are dying in what seems like accidents, but Lauren does some digging on behalf of a friend and discovers facts that suggest murder. Her father is of no help, so she steals a phone from evidence that belonged to the vigilante and gives him a call. Oliver vows to help, but struggles to regain his edge following his fight with Black Arrow. It turns out fighting on an island to survive is easy when you have nothing to lose, but now that family and friends are in the picture, Oliver has a lot to lose and it’s in his head. We also get a flashback to the island that shows Oliver taking his first life. In the end, the guy killing firefighters gets his, but Detective Lance now has a bead on Oliver. It’s not the best episode, but it’s not horrible. The family drama can be a bit much at times, but it is the CW network, so that’s expected. So I’m still watching…

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