Castle: “Death Gone Crazy” (Season 5, Episode 12)

castleBroadcast date: Monday, Jan. 21st, 2013

This was a very enjoyable episode of Castle. The founder of a “Girls Gone Wild” type of show turns up murdered. At first glance, this guy is painted as a despicable human being with no morals, but as the story unfolds, he turns about to be a man with no family who is searching for something more in his life. The irony is that when he finds that “something more”, he ends up dead. It makes the victim into a complex character, rather than just good or evil, moral or immoral. Esposito was once again excellent – he has really evolved to become my favorite character – as he tries to put the moves on one of the suspects, a bodyguard/spy played by the lovely Kelly Hu. The banter between characters is in top form. Take this sequence:

Esposito: “Oh, did you hear that? She broke his nose!”

Ryan: “Yeah, so?”

Esposito: “So, that’s hot!”

Ryan: “Who are you???”

Or this one:

Esposito: “Who spends $200-300 on a bra?”

Lanie: “Right, like a guy doesn’t spend that much on tennis shoes.”

Esposito: “Yeah, but tennis shoes are useful, and, uh…umm…”

Castle, looking at Esposito with concern: “Eject!”

Although the murderer was easy to predict, to me it didn’t make the story any less compelling, as I really wanted to know what had changed the victim’s life.

An unrelated side story involves Castle worried about his daughter putting to much information up on her blog. In this day, with cyber-stalkers and creeps, that’s an absolutely valid concern. Are we putting too much information out there for people to see? Information that’s out there forever?  His daughter is testing the boundaries of her freedom, as most young people do. Near the end, Castle and Alexis make an uneasy peace, and there’s a great moment at the end where Castle is speaking about a hate-monger who would do anything for his daughter. The implication is that Castle would do the same for Alexis, and it draws a smile from Beckett; I believe that one of things that Beckett admires Castle for is that despite his goofiness and playboy-like lifestyle, he always feels the weight of the responsibility that comes with raising a teenage daughter.

Not the best episode, but not bad, with some funny moments from Esposito…

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