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Arrow: “Trust but Verify” (Season 1 Episode 11)


Broadcast date:  Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, 2013

This episode is all about trust. Who trusts unconditionally; who doesn’t trust anyone; who trusts only what they can see. With a common element running through all the stories, it is a very tight, solid episode. A series of armored car hits leads to an old military buddy of Diggs named Gaynor. While Gaynor’s name shows up on “the list”, Diggs doesn’t believe it. This leads to trust issues between Diggs and Oliver. At the same time, Thea distrusts her mother, and Oliver confronts Moira about her perceived infidelity. Moira distrusts Malcolm and asks for proof that Robert is alive. Malcolm and Tommy have dinner and a showdown in which Tommy expresses his distrust of his father. And finally there’s the shocker – a flashback to Oliver on the island, betrayed by his ally.

Gaynor’s innocence or guilt is in question all the way to the conclusion. And Thea flips out, taking a drug, wrecking her car, and getting arrested. Her character so far is really annoying, but this has set up a big confrontation for the next show. It should be a good one! This episode is well done, with a common thematic element and good entertainment value, setting up intrigue for next week…

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