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Lost Girl: “Confaegion” (Season 3 Episode 3)

Lost-Girl-Cast-lost-girl-28058794-720-493Broadcast date: Sunday, Jan. 20th, 2013

I’m a little bit behind in my ever-so-brief show reviews; lucky for me, a few shows are taking a break right now. In this episode of Lost Girl, the Morrigan uses Vex to spread a viral creature that causes fae to act like teenagers. Vex is desperate to recover not only his power, but his status and former lifestyle, and jumps at the chance. While it may have been a fun episode to film, it was really just kind of silly. The best part of the show was when Kenzi picked up the Staff of the Righteous, a magic weapon, and turned into a ninja-like superhero. I think this would have been a great turn for her character and opened up lots of great story lines, but the writers decided to go in a different direction. Disappointing. We also find out that Dyson’s new partner, Tamsin, is a Valkyrie.

Vex makes a curious decision at the end of the episode, showing more depth of character, yet it was still somewhat predictable. However, it seems he’s leaving for awhile, which is too bad because he and Kenzi had developed some great chemistry together. Strike two for Kenzi this week. Plus we’re going to miss those great quips from Vex, like this one he makes to Lauren:

What’s wrong? Having trouble keeping up with the Energizer Succubunny?”

Then there was this exchange between Bo and Kenzi:

Bo: “Yesterday it was a cut. Today it’s a bruise. I’m healing.”

Kenzi: “Slowly, very slowly.”

Bo: “What are you saying?

Kenzi: “The doc, I mean, you know, isn’t that like trying to charge an iPad with a hamster wheel?

Between these comments and the previews for next week, it’s clear that Bo’s relationship with Lauren is going to crash at some point, since Bo can’t use Lauren to heal without killing her…


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