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Supernatural: “LARP and the Real Girl” (Season 8 Episode 11)

spBroadcast date: Wednesday, Jan. 23rd

This was probably one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen of Supernatural. Sam and Dean investigate when some Dungeons and Dragons LARPers start turning up dead. They connect a symbol that turns up on the dead bodies to the Tree of Death, a curse. Charlie Bradbury returns, who helped the boys beat some heavy hitters in the past. It turns out someone got themselves a real book of spells on eBay and takes the game a little too seriously. There’s a cool moment where Charlie runs into a robed figure wearing a deer skull, and the look achieved is genuinely ominous. The best part of the episode however, is how Dean interacts with the LARP players. It’s one great thing that I have mentioned about the show – every so often it pokes fun at itself. Someone who takes the show seriously will be disappointed, but someone who can appreciate a change of pace and a good laugh will enjoy it. Despite some negative reviews I’ve seen, I loved the episode.

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