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NCIS: “Hit and Run” (Season 10 Episode 13)

ncisBroadcast date: Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 2013

I’m trying hard to get caught up on my TV shows, so this NCIS review is over a week behind. I’ve seen some reviews about how bad this episode was. I disagree. Although I didn’t have much interest in the “feuding families” story line, the highlight was a character-driven flashback of Abby’s past. The young Abby was played by a talented young actress and is the highlight of the show. What other reviewers are missing is the underlying message. Yes, the “modern” Abby was forced into an over-the-top melodramatic, almost child-like sequence, but the gist is there: after years upon years of catching killers, What’s the point? The stream of murders that Abby has to help solve never seems to stop. It’s only natural that at some point, a person in that situation snaps and wonders how they can be making a difference, when the violence never stops, and being stuck in a lab, Abby rarely gets the payoff of actually seeing how her work impacts people’s lives – it’s the field agents that have that moment. And all that death, in it’s various forms, has to weigh on your soul. Now, maybe a flashback to a childhood memory is not the proper vehicle to covey such emotion, but the message remains. I can see what the writers were trying to do, and maybe they didn’t think it through enough, but I applaud the attempt. The touching sentimentality of Gibbs’s discussion with Abby at the close of the episode was excellent…the saved fortune cookie message was a bit convenient, but not out of character for Gibbs. Sorry to all the dissenters, but I actually liked this one in spite of the uninteresting weekly serial murder mystery.

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