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Arrow: “Vertigo” (Season 1 Episode 12)

arrow-tvBroadcast date: Wednesday, Jan. 30th

I was really looking forward to this week, since last week’s episode set up this episode to be a confrontation between Oliver and the drug dealer who is creating the drug that nearly killed Thea. And I wasn’t disappointed. Seth Gabel puts just enough scene-stealing ham into his character, channeling a mix of Joker and Scarecrow to create a hip young villain. Thea’s character has now gone from annoying to outright stupid, saying she’s willing to go to jail so her mom will suffer…come on, writers! Please do something with this character!

The showdown at the end was a good, although it never really felt like “The Count” stood a chance against Oliver; however, it looks like he will resurface at some point in the future, since this show has no problem killing off it’s villains. I was a really good episode, other than Thea’s actions (which at least offer a glimmer of hope)…

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