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Lost Girl: “Fae-de to Black” (Season 3 Episode 4)

Lost-Girl-Cast-lost-girl-28058794-720-493Broadcast date:  Sunday, Jan. 27th, 2013

With Vex gone and Kenzi having issues, this was a more serious episode. Bo is finding out that living with a human is making it difficult for her to sustain her energy and heal. When humans die doing adrenaline-filled stunts, the leads point toward a therapy clinic, and Bo goes undercover as a therapist to flush out a Rakshasa. Bo’s relationship with Lauren hits some bumps, especially when she drains Dyson to heal her wounds. In fact, the entire episode is about the Dyson-Bo-Lauren triangle, with Tamsin starting to exert some influence and challenge Bo as the show’s beauty. Kenzi, Trick, and Hale are barely in this episode, it something very very bad is happening to Kenzi – it’s not clear why she can’t open her mouth and communicate this to anyone. It left me feeling a little melancholy and wishing Vex was still around throwing barbs…


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