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Face Off: “Eye Candy” (Season 4 Episode 4)

Broadcast date:  Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2013

This week’s episode continues the trend of showing how conceptually challenged the contestants are this season. This time there were no twists: simply create a bearded lady for a circus in the Foundation Challenge, and then a candy-inspired creature for the Spotlight Challenge. The Foundation Challenge was just bizarre, with a trip to visit a champion Beard and Moustache wearer. Is it just me, or does referring to growing beards and moustaches as a “sport” seem a little off base? I mean, that’s like referring to growing a flower “a sport” or bird-watching “a sport”. An activity, yes, a contest or competition, sure. But a sport?

I digress. I have no desire to recap the Foundation Challenge, other than to say Eric Z. deserved to win for the most convincing make-up. The Spotlight Challenge of an original candy character proved to be more than most of the contestants can handle. Where they seem to be struggling is in the conception phase…all the make-up in the world won’t hid a poor design, and some of these people have no imagination. Anthony created a top character once more, but the show skipped over the judges’ comments, probably in an attempt to make viewers forget about him for one week. Kris’s candy corn demon was excellent, and certainly deserving of a win. Finally some talent on display! Eric F.’s gluttony demon was disturbing yet awesome, but not good enough to beat Kris’s demon. Anthony should have been in the top looks instead of Alam, but her effort was pretty good, so I can let that slide.

Here are the top looks:










As for the bottom, this is the second week in a row that Jenna should have been sent home. She is physically unable to compete, lacks imagination, and has no eye for color. All the bottom looks were terrible, too bad they couldn’t all be sent home. Alex tried something she’d never done before – silicon molds, and failed, but I’m not sure she should have gone home over Jenna and Autumn, who have stuck around so long that I think the judges are being told to save them for the horrendous drama they create. Booooo!!! Here are the awful bottom looks:


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