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Arrow: “Betrayal” (Season 1 Episode 13)

arrow-tvBroadcast date:  Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 2013

We’re halfway through the first season of Arrow, and we’ve reached a sort of crossroads. Will Oliver bring Felicity into the fold? How will Oliver handle his mother’s betrayal? Will Deathstroke become Oliver’s nemesis? Will Tommy still be at odds with his father and friends with Oliver by season’s end? Will Laurel change that? Will Thea turn her life around? Will Diggle eventually walk away? What’s going to happen to Walter? Will The Count return as a deranged maniac? Can Quentin and Laurel mend their fences? Will Quentin ever come see the value of The Arrow? There are so many questions, and thus so many directions, that this show can take, it’s scary. They can drive it into the ground, or they can raise it to new heights. It’s going to be fun following the second half.

This episode was awesome in a couple ways. First, Quentin is realizing his obsession with The Archer is costing him his relationship with Lauren. Second, Felicity approaches Oliver with the book and the connection to Walter’s disappearance. It’s cool to think that Felicity might join Diggle as part of Oliver’s team. Third, Oliver finally learns of his mother’s activities, and all the denials in the world can’t make it go away. It is an exciting episode, including a flashback to the island that reveals Oliver is going to be trained by Deathstroke. The cliffhanger ending leaves me excited for the next episode!

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