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NCIS: “Canary” (Season 10 Episode 14)

ncisBroadcast date:  Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2013

This was an absolutely terrible episode. When the team captures Ajay Khan (played wonderfully by Vik Sahay of Chuck), they try to get him to crack and reveal the location of the man who took down their network. The smug and careless attitude from Khan is a delight to watch – someone who Gibbs can’t intimidate. It was a lot of fun to watch and the writers could have done so much more with this episode. Instead, they make several noticeable errors (Well, at least to a geek like me they are noticeable) when it comes to technology like the access to Khan’s hard drive and the IP address of Khan’s boss. The worst, however, was the laughable sequence in “Gitmo”. Khan’s character, as they had made him, would not have believed any of it and cracked. A (former) Moussad agent would leave a loaded assault rifle on the floor and use a mattress to barricade a door? It just seemed ludicrous to me. For contrast, I’m reminded of another episode where Gibbs tricked a terrorist held at Gitmo by setting a clock back and making the terrorist think the bomb had already gone off, getting him to reveal the location. That episode was smartly written and believable; this one, not so much. What a wasted opportunity…


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