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Supernatural: “As Time Goes By” (Season 8 Episode 12)

spBroadcast date:  Wednesday, Jan. 30th, 2013

Supernatural is on a bit of a roll this season. Although it still suffers from time to time due to the angels vs. demons story line (which I have mentioned ad nauseam), it’s the intervening episodes that have been the best. This week, thanks to a time travel spell, Sam and Dean meet their grandfather. They’ve met their family on their mother’s side, but their father’s side has been a bit of a mystery, until now. It turns out that grandpa up and disappeared when their father was just a young boy. Turns out he traveled through a portal to current day, thanks to a nasty Knight of Hell named Abbaddon who follows through the portal, seeking a key which Grandpa Winchester holds. Not just any key, but one that opens a bunker full of really cool and powerful stuff, apparently.

Sam and Dean also learn that John Winchester belongs to the “Men of Letters”, part of a Freemason-like secret society whose goal is to keep evil at bay. Their father, as well as Sam and Dean, should have become trained in it but Grandpa John’s disappearance spoiled that. It’s really kind of a cool premise, and I like the direction the story line is taking – this is far more entertaining. It’s pretty much a given that John is not going to make it back to his time and change the future, and so his fate (and that of the mysterious key) is somewhat predictable. Along the way there are some great elements, like carving a demon trap on the head of a bullet. A very entertaining episode with what looks to be an excellent story line…

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