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Supernatural: “Everybody Hates Hitler” (Season 8 Episode 13)

spBroadcast date:  Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2013

The two-episode arc featuring Grandpa Winchester, the Men of Letters, Nazi Necromancers, and golems is done, and it’s back to Angels and Demons next week. That’s a real shame, because Everybody Hates Hitler was one of the best Supernatural episodes since Season 1. The opening scene has some monstrous guy beating the tar out of Nazis, leaving us wondering what the heck is going on here? Fast forward to current day. Following the clues left from John Winchester, Sam and Dean find the bunker, which is filled with all kinds of things they haven’t tapped yet. It’s nice to see the boys in something other than a seedy motel for once. But before they can explore the bat cave, they find a job: a rabbi spontaneously combusts after finding a journal. When the rabbi’s grandson shows up with a golem (a creature made from clay that gave the Nazis a butt-kicking), the hunt is on to recover the journal and figure out what it means. At the same time, no one knows how exactly to control the golem, who has an attitude problem and likes to break things. This sets up a showdown with the Nazi necromancers, a secret society referred to as the Thule.

There are many things to like about this episode. Dean and the rabbi’s son “having a moment”; Sam warming his hands over the flames of a burning Nazi (hey, it was cold that night!), Dean back to wisecracking, the awesomeness of the bunker/batcave, and the introduction of the new character Aaron as well as his golem. The golem is a great character, huge and intimidating (played by John DeSantis of Ghostfacers). Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of Nazi necromancers running around in current day? Unfortunately, there are also a few plot holes. Why is the golem not with Aaron’s grandfather when the Nazis show up, because it was all the same day…grandfather rabbi (played wonderfully but briefly by Hal Linden) wouldn’t have known to send the golem away because he hadn’t found anything yet. Also, how did the Nazis know to watch the rabbi? Why didn’t they just go looking for the journal themselves? That’s some seriously bad writing.

However, I can ignore some of the plot holes, because it’s a great story line and breathes some much-needed fresh air into the series. Here’s to hoping the writers and producers will read the thousands of comments from fans on fan sites, and that this is the highest rated Supernatural episode on tv.com since last season, because I think that moving away from angels and demons, and towards the two secret societies, diametrically opposed, would be pretty dang awesome…

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