Revenge: “Union” (Season 2 Episode 13)

emily-vancamp-revenge-season-2Broadcast date:  Sunday, Feb. 10th, 2013

There’s so much jam-packed into this episode of Revenge that it’s hard to sort things out. Aiden demands Nolan check his sister’s video to give him clues about where it was taken. Nolan comes through, revealing the video was six years old. Turns out Emily was right! Then Nolan uncovers her coroner’s report and grave site. Distraught, Aiden pushes Emily away. To help out Jack and Amanda, Emily writes a check to buy back Jack’s bar, but Conrad refuses to bite. Amanda betrays Emily by stealing her computer and forcing Conrad to watch video, extorting him to take the check and dissolve interest in the bar. This doesn’t sit well with Nate Ryan, who offers to remove the point of leverage. Of course Conrad doesn’t know it’s Emily that possesses the true leverage, so did Amanda seal her fate at Nate’s hand?

Nolan confronts Padma, but is she sincere or just playing along?

Amanda and Jack are married by the ocean, with Emily’s heart in tatters, until Aiden shows up again. It is the moment when Emily realizes that it’s time to forget the childhood infatuation and focus on what she has now.

The true shocker of the evening belongs to Victoria. When the union between Daniel and the initiative reaches the point where Daniel will be culpable, Victoria presents Daniel with evidence of the bombing. But what Victoria really does is set up super villain Helen Crowley to get iced in an awesome moment. Daniel looks shocked, realizing he’s in way over his head. And Nate Ryan is onboard the Amanda, as the boat, Jack, and Amanda head out to sea. Next week someone on the boat is going to die, plus you know that the Initiative is bigger than just Helen Crowley, so some other villain will surface. A very busy episode with far-reaching implications…

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