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Castle: “Reality Star Struck” (Season 5 Episode 14)

castleBroadcast date:  Monday, Feb. 11th, 2013

We’re back to the Castle I enjoy – witty banter, a killer with a believable motive (scorned lover), and Castle doing something stupid and squirming to get out of the situation. When a reality star turns up dead, all signs point to one of the other cast members. Captain Gates turns out to be a big fan of the show and forces other team members to watch it and do their “homework”. There’s a hilarious scene where Castle and Gates discuss the show and it’s characters like a couple of obsessed fans. Throughout the show, Castle and Beckett have a repartee over whose Valentine’s Day gift is better. The most awkward moment of the show involved Castle mistakenly giving Beckett’s gift to Gates, at which point Gates exclaimed that she was married. The whole scene just felt awkward and forced. The show redeems itself at the end, with Beckett revealing her gift in a touching moment. One of the better episodes in the past few weeks…


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