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Face Off: “Two Heads Are Better Than One” (Season 4 Episode 5)

face-offBroadcast date:  Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 2013

Now this is more like it! We’re starting to see some real talent shine through as the dead weight gets cut, but there’s still more to remove. This week the contestants were tasked with making a multi-headed giant inspired by the upcoming movie Jack the Giant Killer. Appropriately, Bryan Singer was a guest judge (as he directed that film). The creations were excellent, except for Jenna and Meagan’s effort. I really felt sorry for Meagan, who spent the whole time wondering if she’d be sent home, but it was Jenna who was cut. Props to Jenna for admitting she was the cause of their disastrous entry, but it was definitely time for her to go, the drama surrounding her crippled hand was becoming far too much to take every week. Top looks went to Eric F. for his concept on creating a giant that truly dwarfed the competition…he choose to have his hulking model actually be Jack while two sculpted giant heads towered above. It put a smile on the judges’ faces as soon as it came out and was the easy choice for the win. Eric F. shows that when he can get the assistance of a good team member, he’s capable of winning it all, but working by himself leads to him running out of time due to ambition.

Here were my favorites:



And the worst:



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