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Arrow: “Dodger” (Season 1 Episode 15)

arrow-tvBroadcast date:  Feb. 20th, 2013

Another solid episode of Arrow, with a new villain (Dodger), Felicity joining the team and letting her hair down (wow!) and the introduction of Roy Harper, who was green Arrow’s sidekick in the comics. Wonder if he’ll be added as a regular at some point? Felicity and Diggle convince Oliver that he should help other people, not just those on the list, so they target the Dodger, a thief that uses hostages to commit his robberies by strapping bombs to them. When Felicity enters the picture and helps set a trap, she becomes his latest recipient. Meanwhile Thea falls for Roy Harper after he steals her purse, and Moira enlists the help of China White and the Triad to take out Malcolm Merlyn. There’s also a disastrous set of dates between Diggle and Carly, not to mention Oliver and McKenna, and there’s still time to squeeze in an island flashback where Oliver must go back to the cave for medicine and finds a “captive”. Not knowing if the man is lying or telling the truth, you can see how he was starting to be shaped into Arrow by this experience. It’s a busy episode that doesn’t disappoint…

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