Person of Interest: “Relevance” (Season 2 Episode 16)

Person-of-Interest-person-of-interest-30429662-1280-1024Broadcast date:  Thursday, Feb. 21st, 2013

Wow. The best Person of Interest of the season, without a doubt.

Why is that, you ask? Under the surface, this is the heart of PoI. The episode was written by Jonathon Nolan, and it is his vision of the show that simply is amazing. Here we get to see the flip side of the story – instead of the “backdoor” portion that Reese and Finch operate from, we see the application of the system Finch built – to stop terrorist threats. Who knows how many teams are out there…but this week we see one team in action – Cole and Shaw. It was such a different start, that I had to wonder if I was actually watching PoI or some other show, as Cole and Shaw take out terrorists from the numbers that the machine feeds to them. But soon Reese appears, and we know it’s one of the agents that’s in trouble.

It seems Cole gets a little too inquisitive about where the numbers come from, and the machine’s handlers decide that Cole and Shaw have learned too much, which leads to Finch and Cole getting their numbers. In essence, it’s the machine protecting one of its own. Shaw turns out to be quite the warrior, and she’s not bad to look at, either. Even Root makes an appearance, still trying to find the machine’s physical location, and her capture of Shaw demonstrates that Root, who hardly seems threatening as a villain, has the intellect and planning capable of overcoming Shaw’s brute force and instinct. You have to question Nolan using 8 men tactical teams to take out Cole and Shaw – why not use a sniper or a single assassin? The show loses a little credibility for this, but it so awesome in so many other ways, that I’m willing to overlook it…

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