Another Anticipated Book for 2018: Port of Shadows by Glen Cook

Add another book to my Most Anticipated List for 2018:

port of shadows

My ban on Glen Cook only applies to the Garrett P.I. novels. I’ve been waiting for another Black Company book for a long, long, time, considering I devoured the first 5 books in 1990, as well as Dreams of Steel when it was released that same year, and only 4 books were published in the 10 years that followed (with the last in 2000). Timeline-wise it falls between the original The Black Company and its sequel, Shadows Linger. I hope Cook can pull this off in narrator Croaker’s original voice, especially when the last couple of books were pretty bleak. I can’t wait for more Goblin and One-Eye antics! has a great, albeit brief, look at Port of Shadows, which is slated for a September release. Cook intimated in this 2005 interview with Strange Horizons that another title was planned called A Pitiless Rain. I hope he succeeds.

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