Summer Vacation and Reading

As I suspected (and feared), summer has arrived and I find there is very little time for reading books, even though I am on vacation. That vacation has been filled with projects and a couple of trips, and it hasn’t helped that I’m really struggling with Steven Erikson’s House of Chains, at least the first part of the story as it pertains to a new character, Karsa Orlong. This side jaunt takes up the first 200 pages of the book, so it is a real grind. I return to work in a week and a half, and perhaps by then I will have moved on to some familiar characters and settings. It’s still going to be awhile before a review of this book is forthcoming, but my reading numbers should pick up when I return to work.

This downtime has also impacted my reading goals for the year. In a previous post I aimed for a target of 12,000 pages read, and currently I’m sitting at 8599 (not counting what I’ve read so far in House of Chains), which is 71.7% complete as I pass the halfway point of the year. If I can finish House of Chains, that would put me at 9452, which bumps me up to 78.8% and means I only need 2548 – about 6 or 7 more books to make my goal. Seems doable…