Announcing The 2018 Hippogriff Awards

I’m going to do something this year that I’ve always wanted to do but never followed through on.

I’m going to rank my favorite books, and give my perspective on “the best of” 2018.

I’m calling them the “Hippogriff Awards”, in which I will discuss my favorite books written in 2018 with respect to certain categories, and then choose a winner that I feel is the best of that year’s entries.

I’m also going to do a series of posts that focus on each year of entries I’ve read so far, from 2013 to 2018, with an additional entry for favorites that encompasses all books prior to 2013, since that period was before I started posting here regularly. Executing a format like that is slightly problematic for me, due to the 4 years that I took off from reading. That set me behind on older books that I’m just now catching up to, and with the large queue I’m working through I haven’t read everything that I’d have liked to.

For now, a few of the years will be a bit sparse, until I catch up with more books in the queue. Next year’s “best of” results will probably look a lot different once I get through more books in my “to be read” pile. For those years with several titles that I’ve read, I’m going to choose my favorite five.

The books I’ve read that were published in 2018 (at least in the format I purchased, that is) and are eligible for awards consist of the following:

The Grey Bastards
Port of Shadows
The Traitor God
Senlin Ascends
The Silver Sorceress

That’s only five books, so all of them will appear in my top five of 2018, ranked in order with my favorite in spot #1, my next favorite in spot #2 and so on. The awards will be presented to the book that I feel was the best in each category. There are only 2 books in my TBR pile that were published in 2018 that I haven’t read yet: Arm of the Sphinx and The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter. It’s a shame they won’t appear in the awards but there really isn’t anything I can do about that right now…once I read the books next year, perhaps I’ll revise the awards.

I’ll be starting with my favorite books prior to 2013, so look for that soon…

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