The Hippogriff Awards – 2018

This entry of The Hippogriff Awards focuses on my favorite books in which the versions I read were published in 2018. Below are my Top 5 favorite books of that year, and then my awards, with an explanation of the reasoning behind each choice.


Traitor GodSenlinAscends1. tie: The Traitor God – Cameron Johnston, and Senlin Ascends – Josiah Bancroft

grey bastards3.The Grey Bastards – Jonathon French

silver sorceress4. The Silver Sorceress – Alec Hutson

Port_of_Shadows_Cover5. Port of Shadows – Glen Cook

This was a difficult choice and I agonized for a few days between who should get first place and who should come in second. Senlin Ascends had a classic feel and was full of wondrous moments; The Traitor God was an action-packed thrill-ride. Different styles for each, but both were amazing – there’s really no right or wrong answer here, in my opinion. Hence a tie for Book of the Year between the two.


Best Plot: Senlin Ascends
A brilliant, amazing story not only carried by strong characterization, but also the wonderful plot of Thomas Senlin searching for his wife in a strange place.

Best Plot Twist: The Grey Bastards
Without giving away any spoilers, I’ll simply say that the story careened in directions I didn’t see coming, but the biggest involved a character that was pretending to be something she wasn’t.

Best Emotional Moment: The Grey Bastards
The loss of a supporting character was a very sad moment…while it was not an enjoyable moment, it was the best in terms of soliciting an emotional response from me.

Best Action Sequence: The Traitor God
There are several amazing sequences here to choose from…but the best is probably the battle for the city near the end of the book.

Best Hero/Heroine: Senlin Ascends (Thomas Senlin)
I picked Senlin because of the courage, ingenuity and resilience he displays as he moves through the Tower. Edrin Walker from The Traitor God was a very, very close second due to his dark and complex depth of character.

Best Supporting Character: The Silver Sorceress (Jan)
I really enjoyed learning more about Jan’s backstory.

Best Villain: The Traitor God
Revealing the villains of The Traitor God would spoil the story. You’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that they were pretty awesome.

Best Setting: Senlin Ascends
The Tower of Babel is an incredibly imaginative setting. The different levels of the Tower, the steampunk-like features, airships, mysterious power sources – it was all very intriguing.

Best Worldbuilding: The Silver Sorceress
Alec Hutson’s world continues to be a joy to discover.

Best Names/Languages: The Silver Sorceress
There’s not much separating The Silver Sorceress from the other entries, but it is enough to take this award.

Best Magic Item: The Traitor God (Lust, the War Machine)
The gigantic metal statue that is really a magical war machine is one of the best magic items ever conceived.

Best Magic System: The Traitor God
Cameron Johnston’s system seemed to be the most coherent and logical of all the entries.

Best Evil Creature/Monster/Beast: The Traitor God (Magash Mora)
The Cthulu-inspired creature was pretty amazing.

Best Non-human race: The Grey Bastards (half-orcs)
The book revolves around a half-orc society, and Jonathon French has put a lot of time and thought into developing the culture that it seems totally believable.

Best Ending: The Traitor God
A massive battle featuring a gigantic, building-swallowing Cthulu-like creature, giant magical war machines, a magical dagger, and a couple of big reveals make this an easy choice for me.

Best Cover: The Traitor God
Jan Weßbecher’s cover is incredible!

That completes my awards for 2018…

2 thoughts on “The Hippogriff Awards – 2018

  1. Hi Cameron, thanks for stopping by! The Traitor God was so epic, it deserves the accolades. And thanks for the update on God of Broken Things, I’ll definitely add it to this year’s TBR!

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