New Orders – 2/6/19

It wasn’t enough that I was struggling with The Crimson Vault – for reasons I will eventually explain in a review – but Mother Nature has decided to go batshit crazy and I’ve had to deal with an ice storm, power outages, and the hospitalization of a sick relative. All these factors have put a serious damper on my reading and reviewing. I did manage, however, to place a few new book orders…


the hod king

The Hod King is the third book in The Books of Babel and was just released on January 22nd. I decided to place an Amazon order despite not having read book two, simply because the first book, Senlin Ascends, was so good. I also want to make sure I acquire some 2019 releases that I can read this year to have enough entries for my Hippogriff Awards.


wrath of gods

In order to get free shipping on The Hod King, I added Paternus: Wrath of Gods, which is the sequel to Paternus: Rise of Gods. Although I struggled a bit with the first book, fellow blogger RockStarlit BookAsylum convinced me that I should give the sequel a try, so it is on the way.


Toll the Hounds

The final addition to the TBR pile is Toll the Hounds, which immediately follows Return of the Crimson Guard in the reading order that I’ve chosen for the Malazan series. Even though I won’t be able to read this book for some time, probably even next year, I decided to purchase one now simply because I struggled in my attempts to find an affordable hard cover that still had the dust jacket intact and was not a library copy. I was afraid if I waited too long I was going to end up paying more down the road. I now only need Dust of Dreams and The Crippled God to complete my Malazan collection – that is, unless I decide to tackle some of the prequels and Erikson’s sequels that will take place after the events of The Crippled God

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