My 2019 Year In Review

2019 was a decent year with more highs than lows. On the personal front, I took only 1 traveling vacation: I went to Denver for the Craft Brewers Conference. I had a ton of vacation at the end of the year, which I mostly used up when my company shut down for 2 weeks for the holidays. I also had hernia surgery during that time that I’m still recovering from. I did not see a single movie in a theater. I bought 2 more pinball machines – The Munsters and Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle – and started rebuilding my Creature From The Black Lagoon machine. Work got more challenging as my company respected my experience and tenure, but that in turn led to more responsibility and less free time.

This was also the year I dumped network TV for good. Except for The Masked Singer – call it a guilty pleasure. I was entertained by The Witcher, Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, and The Boys. My favorite movies were Shazam, Hobbs & Shaw and 6 Underground.

I read 21 books for a total of 11,407 pages. My favorite books I read this year, regardless of release date, were An Echo Of Things To Come, Fool’s Quest, and The True Bastards. The titles I most looking forward to reading from my TBR pile (again, regardless of release date) in 2020 are The Shadow King, Assassin’s Fate, and The Light Of All That Falls. And Doors Of Stone if it drops sometime this year…

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