Status Update 5-16-19

I have just completed reading David Benem’s The Wrath of Heroes. I’m really starting to fall behind on reviews but there’s just no help for it right now. As soon as my schedule eases up, hopefully I can knock out some of these backlogged reviews.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 4654. Next up is James Islington’s An Echo of Things to Come, clocking in at a monstrous 716 pages…


Status Update: 5-1-19

I have just completed reading The Siege of Abythos. Unfortunately free time is at a premium right now, so it may be another week before I can post a review of Arm of the Sphinx and The Siege of Abythos.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 4134. Next up is David Benem’s The Wrath of Heroes. It’s got some meat to it at 520 pages, and it’s hard to believe this is the smallest book I’m going to read over the next few months!

Status Update: 4-13-19

I just returned from a business trip to Denver, during which I was able to complete The Arm of the Sphinx. However, due to a lack of time and a slow internet connection in my hotel, I have not yet had a chance to finish writing my review of The Bonehunters. Hopefully I’ll finish that later today or tomorrow.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 3415. Next up is Phil Tucker’s The Siege of Abythos, which is by far the thickest book in the Chronicles of the Black Gate series…

Status Update: 4-1-19


It took me the entire month of March to read Steven Erikson’s The Bonehunters, but it is finally in the rearview mirror. Hopefully I’ll have the review done by the end of the week. All those epic pages brings the Pages Read count for the year to 3017. I’m a bit behind schedule, and although I should be able to get through Arm of the Sphinx fairly quickly, there are some serious doorstoppers looming ahead:

The Siege of Abythos (719 pages)
The Wrath of Heroes (520 pages)
An Echo of Things to Come (716 pages)
Fool’s Quest (754 pages)
Words of Radiance (1080 pages)

I have a sinking feeling that those 5 books will take me until the end of August to complete. At that point I’d be at 7204 pages read, sitting at less than half of my goal with only 4 months remaining. The challenge is heating up!

Status Update 2-26-19

I’ve finished reading The Death of Dulgath. The pages read count for the year is 2033. I will be posting a review of The Crimson Vault shortly. Next up is Steven Erikson’s The Bonehunters, a 984 page epic that is going to take me some time to work through. I might sneak in a classic review (or two) in the interim…

Status Update 2-14-2019

I have now finished The Crimson Vault. Before I write a review for itI still need to write one for Revisionary. I’ve now started reading Michael J. Sullivan’s The Death of Dulgath, the third book in The Riyria Chronicles.

Tracking my reading goal, I have now read 1,641 pages for 2019. I’m still in pretty good shape as I start this next Royce and Hadrian story, which I’m really looking forward to. I’ll update my progress chart this weekend and hopefully have a review up by then…

Status Update 1-30-19

It what has become a disturbing trend, I have finished another book before a review of the previous book was completed. I just finished Revisionary, and I’m now starting on Will Wight’s The Crimson Vault. A review of Fury of the Seventh Son still needs to be written, and then another needs to be composed for Revisionary. It’s a good problem to have, I guess.

This means I have read 1,261 pages in the first four weeks of 2019. At that rate, I would hit 16,000 by the end of the year, well above my 15,000 goal. It may not be sustainable, but it is encouraging…