Status Update 7-18-19

Yesterday I completed Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance thanks to a little bout with a nasty summer cold that forced me to do nothing but lay in bed and read for a couple of days. The Pages Read Count for the year is now 7516, right at 50% of my goal of 15,000. I’ll be reading Michael McClung’s Amra Thetys Omnibus 1, which contains 3 separate books: The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids, The Thief Who Spat In Luck’s Good Eye, and The Thief Who Knocked On Sorrow’s Gate. I will probably review each book as I complete it within the omnibus for a total of 3 reviews, rather than write 1 review for the entire omnibus.


Status Update 6-25-19

Yesterday I completed Cameron Johnston’s God Of Broken Things. The Pages Read Count for the year is now 6436. I’ve started on Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance, the epic second volume in The Stormlight Archive series. At over 1000 pages, this may take me the entire month of July to read!

I was also about 50% complete on my review for The Wrath of Heroes, but some recent health issues forced this to the sidelines. I’m now targeting the end of this week for completion *if* I start feeling better. No promises… 😉

Status Update 6-12-19

A couple of days ago I finished Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Quest. The word “finished” might be a little too underwhelming – I absolutely devoured this book. The Pages Read Count for the year is now 6124. Amazon told me that Cameron Johnston’s God Of Broken Things would be delivered by the 12th (today), and since I wanted to get started on it I decided to take a break for a couple of days from reading instead of starting and stopping something else. Instead, I finally managed to finish my review of The Siege of Abythos, and I’m getting started on the review for The Wrath of Heroes, which I hope to complete by early next week…

Status Update 6-4-19

Last week I completed reading James Islington’s An Echo Of Things To Come. The Pages Read Count for the year is now 5370. I’m now well into Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Quest, another doorstopper at 754 pages. Next up will be Cameron Johnston’s God Of Broken Things, which Amazon states is 432 pages. This will be a welcome respite from a bevy of massive tomes, because queued up after that is Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance, which is over 1000 pages.

I had originally thought that reading The Siege of AbythosThe Wrath of HeroesAn Echo of Things to ComeFool’s Quest, and Words of Radiance would take me until the end of August to read; despite the fact that God Of Broken Things has been added in as well, I’m a bit more optimistic now that I might finish by the end of July, a month earlier than expected, which would be fantastic. If only I could keep up with the reviews!

Status Update 5-16-19

I have just completed reading David Benem’s The Wrath of Heroes. I’m really starting to fall behind on reviews but there’s just no help for it right now. As soon as my schedule eases up, hopefully I can knock out some of these backlogged reviews.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 4654. Next up is James Islington’s An Echo of Things to Come, clocking in at a monstrous 716 pages…

Status Update: 5-1-19

I have just completed reading The Siege of Abythos. Unfortunately free time is at a premium right now, so it may be another week before I can post a review of Arm of the Sphinx and The Siege of Abythos.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 4134. Next up is David Benem’s The Wrath of Heroes. It’s got some meat to it at 520 pages, and it’s hard to believe this is the smallest book I’m going to read over the next few months!

Status Update: 4-13-19

I just returned from a business trip to Denver, during which I was able to complete The Arm of the Sphinx. However, due to a lack of time and a slow internet connection in my hotel, I have not yet had a chance to finish writing my review of The Bonehunters. Hopefully I’ll finish that later today or tomorrow.

The Pages Read Count for the year is now 3415. Next up is Phil Tucker’s The Siege of Abythos, which is by far the thickest book in the Chronicles of the Black Gate series…