Wishing All My Readers a Merry Christmas!

IMG_0747Here’s hoping you all have a great holiday season. For your enjoyment I’ve uploaded a picture of my tree. Over 600 ornaments, candy garland and picks, and 6 strings of white and blue snowflake LED lights, on a rotating base. It IMG_0745takes 3 days alone to wire the lights – I weave them in and out of each small branch so that no wires are visible. My roommate Kelly spends over a week hanging the Hallmark ornaments, which he has been collecting since 1978 and I’ve been collecting since 1993. Since it takes so long to put up and take down, we start putting it up in October and take it down in March…since we get snow from November through April, it seems appropriate. The Fedex driver says it’s the most beautiful tree he’s ever seen!

Had a white Christmas this year of 3-4 inches of snow…