Haven: “Reunion/Thanks for the Memories” (Season 2, Episode 12/13 – Season Finale)

haven-promo-2Broadcast date: Thursday, Jan. 17th

Based on a Steven King novella, Haven is an intriguing show: every 27 years Audrey Parker shows up with no memories of her past and a different name. Soon after, the citizens of Haven begin suffering curses called The Troubles. It turns out Audrey is immune to The Troubles and even helps people control them. She gets a job at the local police department as an officer and helps solve these supernatural cases. But she goes up against serial killers, cults, and monsters, and success comes with a price: soon the cycle must repeat and Audrey must disappear once more for 27 years.

Reunion and Thanks for the Memories are back-to-back episodes that wrap up the second season of Haven. The love triangle between Audrey, Nathan, and Duke is still alive and well. Over the course of two seasons, Haven has raised many questions and answered very few. Who was the Colorado Kid? What is his connection to Audrey? Why does Audrey go away and lose her memories every 27 years? What does the bolt gun killer/skinwalker want? What the hell is with the disappearing barn? Those who have been waiting for those answers and more are handsomely rewarded with many answers crammed into these two hours. As pieces fall into place, everything starts to make sense – to a degree. We know what the skinwalker wants; we know why Audrey leaves and loses her memory; we know why the barn appears and disappears. What we don’t know is how. What is the driving force behind all this? At one point Audrey asks if she’s even human. The answer is yes, but further answers will have to wait for next season as the episode ends with a cliffhanger. And according the Syfy Channel, they are claiming it will be back for another season. Though some inconsistencies in the way the characters were written this season bothered me, it wasn’t enough of a deterrent to prevent me from watching. I’ll not spoil anything, but the way the season ends is intriguing, and guarantees I’ll be back to watch Season 3.