Weekend Images

While I’m working on TV show updates and book reviews, I thought I’d take a few moments to post some photos. Digital photography has always been a hobby for me, although I don’t have an expensive camera. I’ve made do with an older 4MP Casio that takes gorgeous pictures thanks to a Canon lens, but lately I just take shots using my iPhone. I’m well-versed in Photoshop but I don’t usually do any post-processing unless I’m going for a certain vibe. One thing I haven’t figured out yet, however, is how to format WordPress pages so that the thumbnails line up where I want them to. Moving a thumbnail loses the link to the larger picture for some reason. Blogger is so much easier in this respect…

IMG_0918This weekend my parents were in town after a vacation in Palm Springs, and they took me to one of their favorite spots in Portland for lunch – The St Honoré Boulangerie.IMG_0915 Located in the Pearl District on NW 23rd, not far from Powell’s Books, St Honoré uses a brick fireoven, with bricks imported from the kaolin earth of the town of Larnage, located in the foothills of the Rhone Valley and surrounded by the famous vineyards of Tain-l’Hermitage. The quarries in the area have been in use since the Roman times. The refractory properties of the clay have a natural moisture retention which transfers the heat evenly, creating bread with great taste, flavor and texture. Since my grandfather’s family hails from France, it is fun to explore that part of my heritage. I took French in high school (but haven’t spoken it in some time), while my sister studied in France and is fluent in French.

IMG_0914I had a Vol au Vent (a chicken pastry), followed by a glazed Kouign Amann, which was to die for. Dad and Mom have returned to Seattle, but I’m going to go back so that I can tryIMG_0916 the Saint Honoré (a pastry filled with custard and topped with whipped cream and caremlized sugar), the Normandy Apple Toast (Viennoiserie pastries baked in a rum and vanilla flavored custard, topped with apples), and the Croissant aux Amandes (twice baked croissant with an almond cream filling, topped with sliced almonds. The place was packed, with nary a seat available, so we were forced to eat outside. It was a little cold but it wasn’t unpleasant. Here’s a link to the St Honore website.




I also have a couple of photos of my new cat, Raven. He is part Maine Coon, and has gorgeous markings – he has a burnt orange coloring that runs from his chin down his chest and across his belly. He also has a broad nose like that of a mountain lion. IMG_0849The vet says he’s going to be a big boy. He had his berries clipped a week ago and was forced to wear the Cone of Shame for the week. Now that it’s off, he’s back to his usual self…racing through the house and leaping 4 feet in the air to catch a dangling toy mouse. I also call him the Goaltender or the Gatekeeper…there is a fence at the top of the stairs that prevents the dogs (and cat) from going downstairs. His favorite thing to do is to camp out in front of the gate and block anyone from opening it. You literally have to push him out of the way with the gate to get through…